How to Block Inappropriate Content on Youtube on Android

4 Ways to Unblock a Number on Android - wikiHow Mar 30, 2020 The Gadget Code: How to Unblock YouTube/Facebook on Android It has a obscenely huge amounts of Videos stored in it from tutorials to cooking tips to building a Go Kart, not to mention the large database of songs. Unfortunately, it is banned in some countries and even in some schools, colleges and workplaces. Here are few tips that can help you Unblock YouTube on Android.

Finding yourself blocked from accessing Youtube is quite frustrating. However, it’s very easy to unblock Youtube and no tech skills are required. Access to a specific Youtube video or Youtube in general might happen for a host of reasons. You might be located in a country where access to Youtube is restricted.

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But since the latest Android update for Nougat, all applications targeting API level 24 and above (YouTube is one of these applications) distrust certificates hosted in the user’s trust store. This means that the videos on the YouTube app will not play if we try …

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