Bob, Asus sonicmaster atheros ar5b125 keeps disconnecting from the internet, if updating your drivers for your wireless card, also get all your windows updates, if this does not do the trick try reseating the wireless card in the computer. Card may also be faulty, you may want to swap out/change - Asus Laptop

Internet (Wifi) keeps disconnecting at night only 2012-7-20 Internet disconnects. - BT Community Internet disconnects. Hi people, a few weeks back my internet kept cutting out, and was getting very slow speeds, i called bt up and they sent out an engeneer, the engeneer tested the line and there was a fault, he then told me that he had to go and find the fault and he'd call when he had found it, Guess Internet disconnects when telephone rings - BT Community Re: Internet disconnects when telephone rings if you take off the bottom half of socket and connect a new filter to the test socket you can see then connect phone and broadband to filter . now phone home number from mobile and see if broadband still disconnects if so probably high resistance fault and needs reported as phone fault to 151 Internet connection disconnects while on call - OnePlus

Mar 18, 2020 · This helps keep your private information and conversations secure from digital eavesdroppers and cyber thieves. Speedify doesn’t just make your Zoom Meeting that keeps disconnecting on Android issues vanish. It also makes the Zoom app more stable and secure, and improves your overall Internet experience.

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I had same problem (internet disconnects while torrenting). This problem only started for me when I switched to fiber service from ADSL and changed ISP and my router as well. So initially i couldn’t understand if it was my ISP or my router or the NTU Device which my ISP installed for me.

I've had disconnects for the past month. My "online" light on my surfboard modem would blink for a couple minutes then return back to normal (solid) and I would have internet again. This frustrates me, I called COX and they said that my modem is bad. I am going to buy a new modem and see if this is true. uTorrent disconnects Internet. ISP Throttle not likely 2017-4-18