Mar 09, 2017 - Extended key usage Submitted by dyp at from host ( on Mon Nov 13 13:31:58 MET 2000 using a WWW entry form. x509 Certificate (self-signed) with no Key Usage extension Apr 21, 2016 X.509 V3 Certificates and Key Usage For example, a key usage extension of dataEncipherment indicates that the certificate may be used to encrypt user data. PD/MQ and the underlying functions that use X.509 V3 certificates in the protection of messages honor the key usage fields contained in the certificates that represent users of applications. Whether or not you are using a host gnutls_x509_crt_get_key_usage(3) - Linux manual page

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I need to retrieve information from x509 cert to verify Key usage. For example I need to make sure certificate can be used for digital signing (80). It can be printed out by the following code piece, but i actually want to verify if certificate has a specific property. ExtendedKeyUsage (5.61 API Documentation) The X.509 Certificate and CRL profile presented in RFC 3280 specifies the extended key usage extension for defining purposes for which the subject's public key may be used. These purposes may be specified in addition to those of the KeyUsage extension, or in place of those.

X.509 Certificate Generator User Manual

You can see in the "X509v3 Extended Key Usage" section that the certificate is authorized for "TLS Web Server Authentication". This means that the certificate may be used to identify a web server positively. Other common uses that might be listed here include functioning as a CA (allowing the signing of certificates for other servers) or OID description for - Key Usage