Nov 12, 2008

Sep 15, 2011 [DD-WRT] WRT54G v5 and v6 - Linksys | DSLReports Forums Apr 10, 2009 WAP54G/WRT54G repeater mode - Linksys Community WRT54G v6 - located in living room, on one side of the house - this is where my network comes into the house. WAP54G v3.1 - located in guest bedroom/computer room on the other side of the house - … WRT54GS V6 with DD-WRT? | Yahoo Answers

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Linksys WRT54G v2.0 - DD-WRT Wiki I would change for DD-WRT fw. So, after a hard reset 30/30/30 on the thibor15c's fw, i was able to flash successfully, the "mini version" DD-WRT fw through the WEB interface of the thibor15c's fw. I was able to install, 1st, the v24-9517_VINT_mini on my WRT54G v2.0. Reboot OK - …

After doing this procedure you can update to future versions of DD-WRT with the DD-WRT web gui, much the same way we uploaded the first file in the Linksys web gui. At this point you should revert your IP address settings we changed earlier to Obtain an IP address automatically. Well, have fun with your new Linux running Linksys WRT54G!

WRT54GS V6 with DD-WRT? | Yahoo Answers Jun 16, 2008 Properly Setting up a DD-WRT Repeater? - Networking Now that's where i got fired up and grabbed my old lynksis WRT54G v6 Router and decided to flash it to DD-WRT in order to set it up as a repeater. The thing is that i followed every tutorial out