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Reporting the server status for Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Is FFXIV Up; FAQ; IP Status; Server Status. Data Refresh. Global Services. Login Server Gate Server North America. Aether. Adamantoise Cactuar Faerie Gilgamesh Jenova Midgardsormr Sargatanas Siren Primal. Behemoth Excalibur Exodus Famfrit Hyperion Lamia Leviathan Ultros Crystal.

FINAL FANTASY XI Official Web Site * World status is automatically refreshed every five minutes. Bahamut Shiva Phoenix Carbuncle Fenrir Sylph Valefor Leviathan Odin Quetzalcoatl Siren Ragnarok

Solution 1: Let Final Fantasy XIV pass through Firewall. Press the “Window + R” keys on the keyboard to open the run box and search for “Control Panel”. Control panel; From the top-right corner of the screen, set the “View by:” option to “Large icons” and click on …

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