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The Amahi Home Server is designed for home and small office environments where the technical support staff do not want the job! It is easy to use and offers cross-platform compatibility (PCs, Mac, GNU/Linux, Playstation, Xbox, you name it.) The Amahi server is open source and Linux-based, which means its reliable and virus-free. samba | Amahi Blog Today we are happy to introduce three things: A makeover for Amahi’s web site, a major performance improvement to Greyhole, the technology used in Amahi for Storage Pooling, and two important beta releases: the preview of the next major version of Greyhole and Mediatomb, an on-the-fly transcoding DNLA server!. First, check out the brand-spanking-new Amahi site: new logo, new overall look Amahi - 2018 - Google Summer of Code Archive Amahi can turn popular Linux distributions into a simple to use networking, storage and app server. The server management is done through a friendly user interface (the "platform”). The platform allows controlling users login and storage access permissions, managing some network services like DHCP and DNS, as well as providing many apps that add new script called hda-change-network to change the hda-update hda-change-gw hda-change-dns amahi-installer.service \ web-installer amahi-installer hda-php-zone-change hda-fix-sudoers \ hda-privs networking.ubuntu 70-amahi.preset release/hda-ctl-$(VERSION) / hda-privs networking.ubuntu 70-amahi.preset hda-change-network \ release/hda-ctl …

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To access your HDA from a remote system, things will only work if you have your DNS pointing to the Amahi system as otherwise your system cannot resolve the name “hda”. If your HDA appears to work well, you may optionally turn off the DHCP server in your router/gateway and reboot all clients in your network, so that they get their IP from Changing Amahi's DNS - Amahi Forums Sep 27, 2009 DNS zone transfer - Wikipedia

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ado | Amahi Blog A beta service tailored to Amahi users, the Amahi Custom DNS! What’s new in Amahi 5.0. Available natively in in 18 languages! Awesome community job! Amahi in the cloud! This release has support for VPS servers (Virtual Private Servers). Today we are announcing a partnership with a … 4 Great NAS Solutions for Linux - Make Tech Easier Jan 17, 2018 avahi - mDNS/DNS-SD