To completely remove all components and data related to Lightspeed Server, Lightspeed provides a removal tool, which is included in the disk image of OnSite 2015 2.0.0 and newer. This tool removes Lightspeed Server but leaves any backups for archival purposes.

Aug 22, 2008 4 Tips & Tricks to Bypass Your Schools Web Filtering System I found a working proxy that works for lightspeed systems. It is It lets you watch youtube, and get on facebook. Posted by Jackmakn45 on Nov 25, 2013. Hey guys, I’m sorry to say it but lightspeed systems are nearly impossible to crack. They block proxies and tor, as well as IP addresses which would allow you to access This Memo will explain how to turn off User - Lightspeed TO: LIGHTSPEED VISTA USERS . FROM: OPERATIONS GROUP . SUBJECT: INSTALLING LIGHTSPEED AND VPN FOR VISTA USERS . DATE: 8/1/2007 . This Memo will explain how to turn off User Account Control in order to install Lightspeed and the Lightspeed VPN application: 1. Click on Start Æ Control Panel Æ Click on User Accounts

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2. I ran the wd_global_setting application, but even after i click on the save data button data is not saved. the check box for lightspeed stays check even after i save. In short i am trying to turn off lightspeed for asr_process_execute, as the "Start Process" appearing above the roadmap, does not use our branding and still appears blue. any (Mac - Without Router Backups) Go to /usr/local/bin and remove the Light speed things there. Then go to /tmp/ls and remove "LsGuide" there as well. That will clear up the problem.

Somehow the it guy made it a refreshing program (idk the term) so while a computer is connected to the network, and you disable it n that one, and another computer is n the same network, it restarts the first computer. I force-closed the lightspeed stuff, and it said "refreshing network" then resetted light speed.

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